The fitness room

The fitness room is created

The first machines from the weight and fitness room have arrived

16.10.2020 - 11:09:39 h

Physical fitness is a top priority in football. Because without fitness, the players cannot achieve the right results. A football player in professional football covers an average of 10 to 14 kilometers in a normal game. The mileage depends on the player position. A center-back covers an average of 10.6 km per game, while a full-back runs an average of 1.5 km. In addition, the player sprints about 800 to 1200 meters during the game, accelerates 40 to 60 times, and changes direction about every 5 seconds. For this you need strength reserves, and these can be built up here in the gym. That's why: Only the best for our players. Here is a small list of what our players can expect in the fitness room.

Multi-station with weight bench:

The multi-station with weight bench, pull-up and dip station offers various training options. This station is equally suitable for advanced and beginners to do pull-ups, dumbbell training and other exercises. This mainly trains the back and chest muscles. In addition, various exercises for the abdominal muscles but also the triceps can be performed.

Multi-station with weight bench

Weight bench with barbell and various weights:

The weight bench can mainly be used to train the strength and maximum strength of the players. But strength endurance units are also possible as soon as you train in the correct repetition and volume range. Classic exercises are the bench press for the chest. Here the chest muscles are build up and strengthened. The bench can be adjusted in a few simple steps so that different areas of the chest muscles can be specifically trained.

Spinning Bikes:

"Spinning" is a perfect workout for body and mind. In the fitness area, endurance and strength endurance are trained. The intensity can be determined individually. Endurance units with a larger scope as well as strenuous interval units are ideally suited. There is an adjustable resistance on the wheels, which makes the workout even more strenuous.

Spinning Bikes

Balance boards:

With the balance board you can specifically train three basic areas. Strengthening of the muscles as well as the intramuscular coordination and the general improvement of the balance. All areas are essential to meet today's demands of professional football. Exercises on the balance board can include, for example, a simple straight stance, squats, one-legged squats or push-ups on the board.

Various therapy and exercise bands:

A diverse training program is possible with the therapy and exercise bands. The body is holistically stressed in the form of natural movements. The holistic nature of the training also trains the intramuscular coordinates, which make optimal power development possible in the first place. In addition, smaller muscle groups are also involved in the sequence of movements. Functional training trains several muscle groups at the same time. In combination with e.g. the balance board, many exercises in the proprioceptive area are possible. The proprioceptive training is perfect for prophylaxis to prevent injuries.

Fascia rolls:

Fascia rolls are ideal for "self-massage" to loosen the fascia and connective tissue structure and bring it into shape. The role is ideal for massages all over the body. The circumferential groove relieves the spine when massaging the back and improves work with the role in the area around bones (e.g. pelvic bones, forearm bones, etc.). The center hole makes it easier to position the roller with one hand and enables many functional training exercises, as the degree of instability can be changed with different grip variants.

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IFA Outfit for our coaches and players

19.10.2020 - 15:48:22 h

Our outfits

Player and coach clothing

IFA Construction progress in the last few days and weeks

05.10.2020 - 18:42:21 h

The construction progress of the last days and weeks

The exterior and interior work is progressing

IFA Vielen Dank den Helfern vom DJK Wülfershausen / Burghausen

25.09.2020 - 18:11:21 h

Many hands create a quick end

Many thanks to the helpers from the DJK Wülfershausen / Burghausen

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