Development of a second football pitch

Development of a second football pitch

Trenches for the irrigation system

11.11.2020 - 18:18:13 h

The work is proceeding on the premises of IFA Germany. The area already cleared on the site of the old barracks is now being developed. For this purpose, trenches were first dug in which the pipes of the irrigation system are used. Then the place can be completely created.

Preparation of the 2nd football pitch

You can find more pictures on our Facebook-Page.

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Outfit for our coaches and players
Our outfits

19.10.2020 - 15:48:22 h

Player and coach clothing

Our outfits

The fitness room
The fitness room is created

16.10.2020 - 11:09:39 h

The first machines from the weight and fitness room have arrived

Fitness room

Construction progress in the last few days and weeks
The construction progress of the last days and weeks

05.10.2020 - 18:42:21 h

The exterior and interior work is progressing

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Vielen Dank den Helfern vom DJK Wülfershausen / Burghausen
Many hands create a quick end

25.09.2020 - 18:11:21 h

Many thanks to the helpers from the DJK Wülfershausen / Burghausen

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IFA Germany Talent Scout
Our Talent Scout at IFA Germany

01.09.2020 - 19:10:40 h

Talent Scout for Latin America and Europe

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IFA Germany: the Kick for Ebern
IFA Germany on

25.08.2020 - 18:58:40 h

Interesting report with an interview in

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Warum in Ebern Fußballer aus der ganzen Welt trainieren
Why footballers from all over the world will train in Ebern

22.08.2020 - 15:21:25 h

Big report in the newspaper Main Post

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IFA Germany: the kick for Ebern
IFA Germany: the kick for Ebern

13.08.2020 - 18:01:40 h

Great report in the e-edition of the newspaper Fränkischen Tags

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The interior work on the buildings is progressing
Interior work

12.08.2020 - 09:10:45 h

It's getting cozy

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Planieren der Fussballplätze
Leveling the football pitch

06.08.2020 - 14:03:35 h

To be able to play perfectly, the framework conditions have to be right

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Chris-Stephan Dierke now plays for TSV Aubstadt
Chris-Stephan Dierke

05.08.2020 - 14:10:45 h

now plays for TSV Aubstadt

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Umbauarbeiten bei IFA Germany gehen voran
Renovation work at IFA Germany is progressing

30.07.2020 - 12:27:31 h

The buildings are being completely renovated

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This week we have a visit, Toncheff Cristian Alejandro from Fgura United in Malta is here
Toncheff Cristian Alejandro at IFA GERMANY

17.07.2020 - 18:27:31 h

Visit from Fgura United from Malta is here

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Die Sportstätten werden für die ersten Trainingseinheiten fertig gemacht.
Here we go

12.07.2020 - 18:05:21 h

New investments that are worthwhile

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IFA-Scouting - Fussballspieler
IFA Germany - talent search

03.04.2020 - 18:35:31 h

Our talent search has started

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Spielerdouble und Freestyler ist zu Besuch bei IFA Germany
Football freestylers at IFA Germany

03.04.2020 - 18:20:54 h

Footballer doppelganger and freestyler

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IFA IFA Germany auf der Suche nach Talenten

24.11.2020 - 09:13:51 h

Our new Talent Scouts at IFA Germany

Talent Scouts for 9 European countries

IFA Outer facade of our building

09.11.2020 - 08:57:18 h

Outer facade of our building

Now we can start planting

IFA Preparing the main football pitch - Work on the main football pitch continues

22.10.2020 - 20:05:17 h

Preparing the main football pitch

Work on the main football pitch continues

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